Writers Block and Mornings with Molly

If you follow my blog, you’ve no doubt noticed that up until the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t been writing very much. Of course, my life can get a little out of hand with the kiddos’ health problems but, it was more than that. I had difficulty finding something I wanted to say. I just didn’t have much to give. Writers block and what I call creativity block are interesting things. You really can’t control when it comes or goes. Honestly, I don’t want control over that, because I think as an artist, my work is much better if it’s not forced. It really needs to just flow, so when I hit a wall or a block, I let it be. I think it’s all part of the process.


“Pink Twilight” – Sold

Recently, I saw an interview with Meg Ryan (the actress). She had an interesting point of view on what seemed to be her hiatus from working as an actress. She said, she felt like she needed to lay fallow, like you would a field, by keeping it uncultivated for a time so that it would produce more at a later date. Now that she’s laid fallow for some time, she can be creative again.  I agree with her assessment on that. I think we all need to step back when our creativity flees for a bit. I think it happens, so we can work thru whatever we need to, in order to reach the next level in our creativity.



“Pink Paris” – sold

You see, I had come to a sort of a crossroads in my life. My son was becoming an adult, while at the same time he has health problems so he continues to need me, but not need me. This process is a difficult one whether your kiddo has health problems or not. It was a moment I needed to work thru, to try to find the right balance of making sure he can be his own person, have independance but still be there for what he needs. It’s a tricky transition. This is where my writers block came from, it just took me a little while to figure that out. Which, brings me to Mornings with Molly. She has become my sidekick, she keeps me company and has a really happy personality. I love having her by my side thru out the day, but especially in the mornings. For this reason, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts named, Mornings with Molly.



All the posts will be right here on Stacys Art Studio intermingled with my art posts, travel posts and project posts. They say, (I still haven’t figured out who, the they persons are, but sometimes, they seem to know what they’re talking about, whoever they may be) you should write what you know about, and what I know about is, being a mom/ caretaker of a child with a terrifying, life threatening disease. I also know about  being a mom/caretaker of a child with chronic non-life threatening but painful health conditions. I’m entering into a new phase, of learning how to transition into his adulthood, while he continues to have painful, chronic health conditions. I’ve noticed that there are many, too many children with all sorts of difficult health problems out there. I cannot and will not claim to know anything in particular. Everyone must find their own way that works best for them, but since I’ve been a mom/caretaker for a long time now, I’d like to talk about what helped me then, and what helps me now, be the best mom/caretaker I can for my child. Perhaps, while clearly I don’t have all the answers, some of my observations might be of help to someone out there, who’s going thru some of the things I’ve gone thru. I hope what I write could  make their day a better one.



Me and my sweet little man

Why name this series of posts, Mornings with Molly? Well, it’s all connected with what we need to do, to support ourselves, so that we can give what we need to when caretaking a sick child ( or anyone for that matter). Mornings with Molly was something I didn’t realize I was doing for myself, to help me take care of my kiddo. But..I love my child, isn’t that enough you might wonder?  Over the years what I’ve learned is, in order to give my best love to my boyo, I must take care of myself. For that reason, I thought this title was fitting. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my musings. Keep an eye out for the Mornings with Molly posts and let me know what you think!


My little man all grown up

My first observation? Get all the hugs  you can from your kiddo’s! They grow up fast. Have a great day out there!



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