Updating my Photos

Over the years, as you know, I’ve struggled with getting really good pictures of my paintings. I’ve studied, tried different light thru out the day. I’ve photographed indoors and out of doors, from above, below, straight on and at an angle.  I hired a photographer, we made some progress, but the light still wasn’t right. I’ve bought lenses, and lights etc…

Yet, I still haven’t achieved what I wanted, until now. (I think) Since we moved and I have a new studio space with incredible difused light, I feel like we’re getting close to what I’ve been hoping for.

So far, the photos I’ve taken for my website are much improved. The real challenge will be the paintings I’m trying to turn into prints on canvas.  I’ve had this goal for sometime now and I feel badly that it’s taken me so long to get to this point. I’m not even quite there yet, but am a little closer.  The delay has also been influenced by my crazy life. We moved, the kiddo had many health issues and I had family visiting. I can’t make any promises but, I am back in my studio now and hope to move forward. For now I’m retaking pictures of my pieces one at a time. Here is the first one. I’m happy with the outcome.




Piece by piece, I will slowly be updating the website pictures. I’m writing this as I take breaks from painting snowflakes on a very large piece! Snowflakes go quite slowly and are, if I’m honest slightly boring 🙂



If you’re curious, the trick to painting snowflakes is that they can’t be uniformed, or patterned, which is actually difficult. It’s in our nature to do things in a pattern whether we realize it or not, so it helps to step away, do something else for a bit and then come back to it.  The other thing is that snow tends to run into each other and they are all different sizes. I use two different size brushes, which will give me 4-5 different shapes. I know that some artists will splatter paint across a painting for a snowflake affect, but it’s something I can’t bring myself to do, so I paint each little snowflake.

I hope that this finds all of you well. Be cozy out there lovelies!

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