UNM/CFL Integrative Medicine Pediatric Cancer Care Fund

It’s time for the annual Gala and Benefit Performance for the UNM/CFL Integrative Medicine Pediatric Cancer Care Fund!

It’s Saturday, January 30th, 7pm at the Hiland Theater in Albuquerque NM

If you want to go you can go to tinyurl.com/2016KSK or call 505-925-4557 for tickets.

I love this program. It provides massage, chiropractic and acupuncture for kids who are currently going thru treatment for cancer and for kids who have finished treatment but have what’s called after treatment conditions.

When the kiddo was going thru treatment, this program was not set up. After a particularly difficult chemo day, it occurred to me, that it might be beneficial for him to get massage. If only for the reason, that someone put hands on him that wouldn’t hurt him. Even I caused him pain because I had to change his dressing where the broviac tube came out of his chest every other day. Before he got sick I worked for a chiropractor and his wife who was a massage therapist. She also had training in child psychiatry to counsel traumatized children. I made an appointment with her for him right away. I’ll never forget his first massage appointment, he released so much pain and cried a long time after the appointment but it was so helpful for him that I continued to take him to her every two weeks all the way thru his treatment and a few years after his treatment.


the kiddo in 2002

I will never be able to repay her for what she did for him over those years. I believe it was one of the integral parts that kept him alive and in a positive frame of mind.

I truly believe in the benefit of massage in particular, for anyone but especially for kids who have cancer or who have survived cancer. Then a few years ago one of our favorite dr’s and a fabulous massage therapist and a few other wonderful folks began to put together this program that helps kids during and after treatment!  I was so excited! I’m thrilled for the kids who are in treatment that get this kind of care. I know it can make all the difference.

My kiddo is grown up but endures a great deal of pain and numbness from Chemo induced neuropathy. He gets to use this program to help reduce his pain. I know that right now, it’s what’s keeping him from being completely overwhelmed. Every time he comes out after seeing David, he’s my beautiful sweet, carefree boy because he’s without pain for a little while and he can function until his next appointment.


phone 024

The kiddo now

I try to do everything I can to support this program. Last year I was able to donate a painting for the silent auction and I’m honored to do it again. This is the painting that will be up for auction during the gala on the 30th. I think it’s fitting since I called it, serenity. I hope it helps!


“Serenity” 24×48

The other thing I love about this program is that when they do the big fundraiser it comes with a performance by all sorts of super talented kids! It’s called kids supporting kids. … Excuse me while I choke up a little….ok I’m ok, really I am, …..nope, I can’t help it. It’s just such a beautiful thing, kids supporting kids….sniffle, sniffle.

We can’t wait to see what it will be this year! I hope you come join us! (BUT BRING SOME KLEENEX!}




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