Too Many Painting Projects!

I realized last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I just have too many painting projects going on at one time!  Paint, paint, paint! Currently, I’m working on our cement block fence, which is too ugly for words, but paint always helps! Then, I’m working on the mural in my studio, a hallway in the kiddos apartment and his large room, that we’re turning into his living/dining/kitchenette space. Oh, also just cause, I’m evidently a little nuts, I decided to change the color in my kitchen and dining! The further I get into this renovation, the further behind I feel! I know that there’s an end of the tunnel somewhere! To make myself feel better, I decided to share with you one of the four finished corners in my house! (finished.., living room corner, front entrance, back bedroom wall and coffee bar wall. Oh, I forgot that we have one completely finished room in the kiddos apartment, his bedroom is finished!)




This corner is finished! It’s very comfy. I wrote a blog a little while ago about how I refinished the doors. Later I added a fabric map that I found on Amazon, I hung the antique birdcage I’ve had for many years. The fan that’s been kicking around a long time, the trunk, tv cabinet,  the container of dried eucalyptus under the tv cabinet (to hide cords) and coffee table (that’s actually a bench) I picked up at hobby lobby. The antique cabinet against the couch, I picked up at a garage sale many years ago. (I even used it in our camper when we were living in it)



Under the tv cabinet there’s also a bucket of cool rocks that we collected with the kiddo and grandparents in Arizona quite a few years ago. (yes I move rocks and yes this bothers my husband every time we move!) The carpet I found on amazon. The couch, chair and ottoman, I got a great deal on at my local Habitat for Humanity store ($125).


Then I purchased several drop cloths that I turned into covers for the sofa, my mom kindly made very saggy loose pillow covers with the drop cloths. She’s been a professional upholsterer my whole life and it goes against all of her training to make something saggy, but she did it just for me! I love saggy and loose fitting. I love it, it’s perfect. The shelves are not quite finished, but I ordered those from Walmart, it was really nice to have them shipped to my house since they are very heavy! The driftwood and shells we’ve collected from our many travels and the wood art I picked up at hobby lobby. The doors to my studio aren’t quite finished yet either, I will be adding two more to complete it. The antique lamp I found at goodwill for $10, I painted it, then added the cloche as a lampshade and my handy dandy mom fixed the wiring! (moms are awesome)



Yesterday, I took a break from all the renovation work and focused on this painting for a little while. It’s my goal to start doing some video to share, of the painting process, but I need to work on the video technique before I start posting. I practiced a little yesterday and learned a few things about how the back of my hair looked! I must admit, I’m slightly vain so, I will fix the back of my head before trying to video tape again! Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be posting some brief videos.  Today, I’m heading off to see if one of my paintings will print out on canvas properly. If it does, I’ll be holding a celebration giveaway over on facebook and instagram! Stay tuned for the announcement!

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