The Whimsical World of Stacys Art Studio

I think my work space is getting a bit out of hand! I like to keep things around me that inspire me while I’m working. The tea cups, well,  because life without tea would be so sad! The steam punk hat that I made, because it makes me happy! I love my old palette full of dried up paint. The antique camera, it doesn’t work but it makes me happy! I also love to collect other peoples art. The large abstract piece on the wall is from a friend of mine. You can find his work on instagram under @epique_art and the beautiful print of the girl painting is done by another talented friend of mine who you can find on instagram under @raynedropart. Then of course scattered paints, cool things to hold my brushes and my own canvases laying around makes me feel like a real artist!


P1170007.JPGWelcome!  brew yourself a delightful cup of tea, pull up whatever velvet chair you can find and get comfortable!

What I try to accomplish with my paintings is to create a little world that I would like to disappear into for a little bit for a breather from real life! I hope that the paintings you find here will do that for you!

Here’s a painting that you will find for sale in my little etsy shop.


“Blue Frosting” 11×14



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