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As I go thru this process of starting over with a new computer, I’ve realized that I’ve lost so many pictures. I had some saved to different areas but more than half of my pictures are lost to the stolen computer. Thankfully the pictures that meant the most to me are still here so I’ve decided to look at the loss as a new opportunity!


I happen to love taking pictures! Just ask my critters and my kiddo! Which is why all of them tend to hide when I pull out the camera….. Oh well, I catch them once in awhile!    Instead of mourning the loss of pictures I’m going to focus on taking new ones! This summer I will take you along as I travel some of my favorite back roads thru New Mexico. I can hardly wait for it to warm up a bit!


Molly probably won’t be going along, she reeeeeally hates riding in the car!

This is her when she was a tiny pup. Isn’t she the cutest? She threw up on me all the way home! She does not travel well!


On another note. My etsy store is on vacation mode for a little over a week. The kiddo has finished this round of medical tests. They might have found something in the latest test and it might be something they can help him with. I sure hope so, but things have settled down here for a bit, which of course means something else is going to come up. My dad hasn’t been doing too well so I’m headed off to go see my mom, dad and sister. Sadly the kiddo can’t travel so I will be heading off alone while the kiddo and hubby bachelor it for a while. (I’m a little worried about the house….) Since I will be traveling, I will be taking lots and lots of pictures! (the kiddo and critters are very happy they aren’t going with me!)

In the meantime I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe day! (If you can’t do all three at least have a laugh!) I will see you all in a week or so!

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