The Art of the Photography of Art

Over the years my biggest challenge has been getting accurate photos of my work. There are so many variables in the photography of art. The light is always a challenge. One angle and you might get a glare, another type of light will affect what the color of the piece looks like. Of course, this is also true of where you decide to place your art. You may notice the color is different than you expected simply by where it is placed in your home, because of the light in that particular area.

Then there are other things  that I have no control over, such as all computer monitors are not equal. Every monitor will affect how brilliant the colors are when you first look at it online.  I’m very grateful, that everyone who’s purchased art from me have all said that it looked better in person than they expected. I feel that’s a very good thing, while at the same time I would like  more accurate photos of my work.

What to do? Well, I decided to acknowledge my limitations. I love what I do and I love painting but, I’m not a great photographer. I’m good at seeing a good photo opportunity and am good at staging a photo, but as far as my running a camera well, that’s just not in my wheelhouse.  Which is why I’ve decided to have my work photographed professionally. I’m not doing it all at once since there are always financial restrictions but will be slowly working thru my old pieces as well as the new ones. For now, I wanted to share one of the pieces I had photographed and I have to say I’m super happy with it. The young lady who is doing these is fantastic. She doesn’t have a web-site set up yet. When she does I will be sharing the link here.

“First Snow”





I’m looking forward to having more photo’s done and I will be sharing each new one we do. Have  a happy creative day out there!


3 thoughts on “The Art of the Photography of Art”

  1. This is beautiful, Stacy!

    1. thankyou! I just figured out how to follow your blog! I’ve got to catch up on yurs!

      1. Thank you, Stacy. I am going to have to put aside some quiet time and write more posts.

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