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Soothing heating/cooling Rice Sachet with your choice of herbs - Medium

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Lovely herbal rice sachet. This is a wonderful heating or coolig pad or When you squeeze it, it calms your nerves while releasing the calming aroma of herbs all depending on which herb you choose. 

You choose what you want in the rice.

Lavender buds and Lavender essential oil

Chamomile flowers and chamomile essential oil

Lavender/chamomile flower combo with lavender&chamomile essential oil

Lemony Lemon balm/lemon verbena herbs with lemon + lemongrass essential oil

Rose petals with geranium essential oil

Mint tea with peppermint essential oil

Rosemary  + Eucalyptus essential oil

All essential oils are therapeutic grade, the rice is jasmine rice all herbs are grown organically

The outer fabric is soft flannel, the inside pouch is muslin

Made to order!

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