Standing Watch



“Standing Watch”

In a place far, far away, there lies a land of soft mountain peaks surrounded by pearlie waters. Inside this land we find a princess warrior high upon her favorite cliff, who stands watch wth her faithful steed. There she awaits….what she awaits we do not know, perhaps she is waiting for her love to return home?


“Standing Watch”

I loved working on this piece. The idea for this popped up into my head when I was traveling up Wolf Creek Pass, near Pagosa Springs, Colorado in the winter one year. I love the beauty of that pass, especially when its frozen over. It always makes me think of Narnia!

This piece is 24×48 Named “Standing Watch”

I hope your having a lovely day out there!

If you’d like to contact me about this piece you can email me at www.stacyliztaylor@gmail.com



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