Stacys Art Studio gets ready for winter

I love the seasons, their changes make me happy. The trees, plants, sky, temperatures and colors change from season to season. I tend to change along with it, inside my house I change out comforters, pillows and curtains. Once I’ve settled on the color of my walls, I try to keep them a neutral color, because I like change so much that I’ve tried to confine those to pillows and fabrics. Things that are easy to change, unlike wall colors and furniture! Inside the studio, my paintings tend to reflect the season outside, excepting when I’m super hot in the summer, sometimes I’ll paint a winter scene, in the vain hope it will cool me down!

IMG_4244 (1)

This includes the walls outside in the yard as well! I finally settled on this wonderful wine red for the cement walls in the secret garden and the backyard garden spaces. I haven’t quite finished the backyard wall yet, but I’ll get there soon. I still have several projects going on as we wind down into the winter months. Here in Albuquerque we don’t get severe winters, for that reason I like to do some outdoor projects on the warmer days, to save myself back breaking work in the high heat of summer.


Molly and I have stayed so busy this summer, building raised beds, moving tons of gravel and rocks, planting trees, herbs, bushes, flowers, working on vegetable patches and laying sod, that it just flew by! It’s also been a difficult year for our super hero son, who’s gone thru and is going thru more after affects related to treatment he had as a child for his leukemia. We’ve been focused on being of support to him. I’m very glad that the year before we finished his apartment, so he’s been able to have his own space. He’s really enjoyed that. Now, it’s time for Stacys Art Studio to settle in for winter. I’ve been doing some videos for my you tube channel and fell behind on writing the blog. However, really, I find that it’s hard for me to sit and write during the summer. Sooo many things to do you see! Anyhow, now is the time to start catching up on the blog! I’ll be sharing more of my crazy idea projects! Some that have worked out really well and some that ended up so so, but I think I can improve on them. I hope your summer has been a good one! Here are a few of our summer pictures. The Sunflowers grew strong.


The garden did well..

IMG_3614 (1)

Molly had fun in the cornstalks


more fun

IMG_3449 (1)

No really, I’m just chasing the squirrels away from our food!


It was a big summer!

IMG_3615 (1)


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  1. Molly is so cute! Lovely post, Stacy.

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