“Spring Love”

Spring is on it’s way! Can you hear it beating in the distance? Can you feel the winds of change far away? Are you planning your gardens, flower beds and backyards?



“Spring Love” 11×14 – $140 –


I know I am! With the new house comes a back yard that needs work, oh, but it has great bones. I have so many plans! I’m certain that by the end of this summer I will be begging for winter to hibernate in! Yet, I just can’t help my self! First we need to remove a strange fence within our fence. It’s going to be hard as it was well built and buried with cement. We have one section pulled out.

Here it is.



It really needs some work. but! one section is down and I’m experimenting with what color I want to put on the back wall. In front of the wall we plan on planting some dwarf fruit trees, a couple of skinny cypress trees and a few aspen trees. We have a ways to go! However, it’s the process of transforming a space that’s so fun! Those are my spring plans, what are yours?

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