Rolling Stones No More

The big move is finished! Since my hubby and I got married 28 years ago, this will make our 19th move! You could say we’ve just been a pair of rolling stones. We’ve wandered to so many interesting places. We’ve cared little about our material possessions and yet, we do have a few treasures we’ve gathered along the way. It’s funny what we consider treasures. They’re the little things, that remind us of a place we spent time in. Having said that, we still have things we need, like beds, a couch, tables and of course the kiddos collections of rocks and books which are heavy a difficult to move! Usually when we move,  I just get rid of most of our stuff(never the rocks, books and treasures) but this time we kept the big things. Keeping them made this move a little more difficult than usual.



(Thrift books are happy to help you get even more books!


Here are a few of our precious treasures…


Some sand from different beaches…


A conch shell from when I lived in Key West, and a few others from our wanderings….


A desert rose from Arizona…


This lovely little piece I purchased from an artist from Africa that Epcot at Disney(we honeymooned there) had a special show for…..


A collection of driftwood from South Carolina and St. Kitts, beach glass found several places, and two antique finds(the lamp and bird cage) that I picked up in New Mexico,


Some goodies from when we lived in San Lucas, Toliman Guatemala,


Of course all of our photo’s, especially of my little man. His first teddy bear, his first little vest and hat my family who were living in guatemala at the time, found for us. Now, it’s Mr. Teddy Bear who wears them!


This last little treasure is a nightlight from Japan that my grandmother had. When we would go visit her, she would always come in at bedtime to turn it on for us. It no longer works but when it did, it would rotate around and the waterfall on one side would flow and the volcano on the other side would blow!   It’s also special to us because, I would load it up very carefully and take it with us every time the kiddo would have to be in the hospital. I would set it up on a table at the end of his bed and plug it in. Night time in the hospital when you’re that sick, is a particularly difficult time. This night light would soothe him. It was a great source of comfort to him.



Oh, and the shell is from Destin, FL.

It’s funny how treasures become treasures isn’t it?  Of course if we no longer had any of these items, the memories would still be cherished.

Are your treasures similar?


This move was a bit different for us, since we’ve decided we will not continue rolling along. It’s the location our kiddo needs to be in for his health.  We are here for the duration. Which means we’re rolling stones no more. I hope we’ll be able to continue to travel, but no more moving for us! My old bones are happy about this! They say that age doesn’t matter but I think it’s the miles that do! We found a great location near the petroglyphs on the westside of Albuquerque, where the wind blows from the west, keeping the air clean and the pollution away from us. It’s a home that we will be able to divide up with a little renovating, to make an apartment for the kiddo. This will give him the independence he needs. We’ve already started on some of the projects.   Our progress is progressing along… along as it can get! I’ll be posting as we work, so stay tuned!



Molly and I are very excited to get back to my easel in the new Stacy’s Art Studio! Have a gorgeous day out there lovelies!

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