I call them projects, but what’s really going on in my life, is renovation. We’ve entered the final phase, at least for this year of the construction, on my kiddos side of the house that we’re turning into an apartment for him. It’s been a whole lot of hard work, dust, muss and so on… While doing all of this, I broke my ankle, bizarrely enough not while working on the project, but while stepping off of a curb! I also took a week to go visit my family in South Carolina. It was a very pleasant trip. Now, I’ve healed up and am back at the construction. At the moment I don’t have photo’s to share. As soon as the projects are complete, I’ll start blogging about them.

In the meantime, here are two paintings that I’ve completed and have been sent off to their new homes. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far!

This is a 16×20  commission piece named “Traveler on the Backroads”



This is an 11×14 commission piece for an anniversary!


I’m still buried in the dust and the muss, when I come up for air again I’ll update on our projects! Have a happy day out there lovelies!


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