Plot Twist!

I’m back!!

Aren’t plot twists the craziest things? You’re just going along, minding your own business, enjoying your book or movie and suddenly there’s a plot twist! It throws you all off balance and you try to catch up with whats going on.


Well, that’s how I like to look at life sometimes. We’re just going along, minding our own business, trying to keep everything in order and grab a laugh or two here and there and boom! You’re hit with a plot twist!  Let me explain our latest plot twist and the reason why I disappeared for a bit. About a month and a half ago our home was broken into. All of our technical things like computers, and tablets were stolen along with many other things. I believe we walked in on them in the process since there were a couple things dropped on their way out. Also, I believe they may have been trying to steal our dogs as well, since I later discovered that their leashes and harnesses were taken as well. The dogs were very stressed out.


Miss Molly hid under blankets for two days after the break in and our snickers seemed a bit catatonic.


The good news is no one was hurt. Only things were taken. However, peace of mind was disturbed and many changes needed to be set in place. Passwords changed, alarms, window and door jammers, motion sensors and security cameras were installed. Credit protection systems had to be put into place. Insurance had to be filed. Then the waiting for the insurance to reach a settlement with us. Finally, yesterday I was able to replace my computer so I’m a happy camper now! I’m able to blog and run my business efficiently again!

It has been a difficult experience to go thru. This is not the New Mexico I grew up in so we have just had to change how we do things and adjustment takes a little while to do. I think we’ve done pretty well. We’re still having fun! I’m still painting whimsical silly worlds! Plot twists happen and then we move on!

I’ve been focusing on the things I love about New Mexico. I thought I would share a few of them with you today. Ready?! Here we go!



Cottonwood Trees!


Crazy roads!


Kiva Fireplaces


Vega Ceiling Beams


Wide open spaces with mountain ranges




Funny shaped rocks!IMG_20160209_225005

I love that sheriff Longmire claims to be in wyoming but in actuality the show is filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico.


The last one for today is that there are more rocks than you could ever hunt! This is of course my favorite picture. My kiddo when he was bald, a long long time ago hunting rocks.


That’s it for today but as I go along I’m going to include my favorite things. I’ve been working on a couple of paintings, but the pictures haven’t been very good. I will soon have better pictures to share as I get back into the swing of things.

I wish for you a happy, healthy and safe day out there!



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  1. Fancy says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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