Master Bedroom Project Complete!

I’m so excited to be able to say that the master bedroom project is complete!


I hope you enjoy the finished project. I’ll try to explain how I put everything together, but if you have any questions be sure to post it in the comment section.  I’ll be happy to answer!

This was the beginning. It’s a perfectly lovely bedroom, but I had big plans!


I started with my antique door headboard from our old place. I used them as a jumping off point to build the room around. I also began with painting the walls a dark blue/grey. Since it’s a bedroom I wanted it to end up feeling really cozy. I thought the dark color would help accomplish that.  Below is a picture of the wall opposite the bed wall.


The old dresser is now in my studio. Next, I found these old beams hanging around in our back yard.  I talked hubby into helping me install them next to the old doors. I wanted an old brick wall in a couple places as well. I picked up two 4×8 sheets of brick paneling to faux paint for that purpose. I got them from either lowes or home depot. To be honest I can’t remember which one!


I added some bookshelves on each side of the bed instead of bedside tables, because I love having books in the bedroom, well…. really everywhere. Which I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.  I found them from Walmart. It’s starting to come together.



On the opposite wall we have our tv wall. A hubby must have. Actually, I don’t mind having it for watching movies on lazy days. I once again picked up two 4×8 sheets of brick paneling and found a few more beams laying around the backyard.


My goal was to combine my style and hubby’s love of industrial together.  To do that I added a plumbers black pipe horizontally underneath the tv. Then I added a plumbers black pvc pipe that is vertical, in order to hide the cords inside of it. These touches added just the right amount of industrial along with the little modern fireplace hung below the tv. I found that on amazon. Then  I started faux painting the brick.


To get the old brick look, I just use a little white paint with water, brush it on in different thicknesses, and wipe it down with a paper towel. After it dries, I take a wet scrubber sponge and scrape off pieces of paint in various places. Since the sponge needs to be wet to be affective, you need to keep a paper towel handy to catch any dripping water, otherwise the running water will ruin the look of the brick. Here it is, before I scrape it down with the sponge. When I scrape it down I focus on edges and grooves in the brick.


This is the result.




and, another.


The next step was to rearrange the room aaaaa lot!!! I could not, make up my mind how I wanted it to be set up. At one point I had two chairs in there, then I moved all sorts of stuff around. I ended up purchasing a regular bed frame. Up until then, we had just stacked two box springs on top of each other with  the mattress on top of that. However, we’ve reached a new age, where we feel aches and pains a little more. Which meant a better foundation for the bed. When we were super young and newly married we lived in Guatemala for a little over a year. For most of that time we slept on a small piece of foam on the cement floor. We didn’t mind it too much. Perhaps that’s what caught up to us! Anyhow, we ended up with a regular bed frame. I purchased it on amazon. Originally, I wanted to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls but I was hesitant to do it, so I waited. Finally, I decided to go for it.  I’m super happy that I did. It enveloped the room like a warm blanket.


Snickers, thinks I did all of it for him.

The last thing I did was add some fantastic area rugs, lighting and some final decorating pieces to pull it all together. Here Snickers is modeling one of the area rugs along with a couple pillows.


Now, here’s the finished room. I’m totally in love with it. This is the tv wall opposite of the bed wall.


Another angle,


and another,



Here’s the bed wall,



I love my corner, the white shelf is one of my treasures. It’s part of an antique fireplace mantel that I found in South Carolina. When we moved into the camper, my dad helped me cut it down to make a shelf to use in the camper, so that I could keep it. Now, it’s holding sweet things, and it’s a good memory.  The wood that is holding necklaces on the wall is from an old pallet.  I took it apart, then added the hooks from Hobby Lobby. I think it blends rustic with a touch of glamour.


I added this sweet quote in this spot.


This is the last corner. I personally hate mirrors in the house, but I have a few as they are necessary to make sure I have my clothes on the right way! This is the check and make sure, before you leave the house corner. I found the various scarves from local second hand stores. The chandelier I picked up a few years ago at Ikea. I painted it black to match all the trim.


You’ll notice that I painted the doors and trim black. It seems like it would make the room too dark, but it actually grounds it. It’s not everyones cup of tea of course, but that’s what makes the human family so interesting. We all have different tastes.

Here’s snickers helping out along the way.


As you can see, he worked really hard and he would appreciate it if we all acknowledged that!


Thankyou for following our grand adventure in decorating! I hope you have a grand adventure of your own! Have a fabulous day out there lovelies!

4 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Project Complete!”

  1. sophiessigil says:

    So beautiful and cozy! I love the dark paint on both the walls and ceiling, and the black trim looks very elegant. 🖤

  2. This is great, Stacy! You did a beautiful job- wow!

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