“Love Among the Trees”




“Love Among the Trees”

Let’s stand in a forest of aspen trees my love. If we keep quiet and still, we will hear them sing their beautiful quaking song.

Aspen trees are also known as “quakies or quakers” because, when the wind ruffles their leaves there is a soft quaking sound. It’s a lovely sound.

This painting is an 8×10 and I’ve titled it “Love Among the Trees” It’s part of a series of paintings I’ve done over the years. I truly enjoy these pieces. I will place both you and your loved ones initials along with your special date in the the heart on the tree.

It’s oh, so romantic to have your initials in a tree, but not on a real one, this way it can be preserved for years to come, on a canvas and you can take it with you wherever you may go in life!

If you’re interested in this piece you can email me at


Have a lovely day out there! Take a minute to listen to the song of the trees.

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