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It’s the little things that always make the biggest impact in life and in decorating! As I’ve shared before, I love using painting drop cloths for curtains, and various other things. Lately, I made an addition to the drop cloth curtains in our bedroom. It was a small thing, but made a huge difference. I thought I’d share a few pictures. A few years ago I ran across two beautiful sheer curtain panels in my local second hand store. I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but I had to pick them up. Then a couple years ago I found some embroidered sheer curtains on amazon. I thought I had a place for them but, I ended up not using them where I thought I wanted them. They went into the chest of, stuff I’m not sure what I’ll do with, but I’m sure I’ll use them somewhere, sometime. First, I put up the painting drop cloth curtains alone. However, I felt they were a little too plain, so I added these gray panels. I thought it would add an element of depth, but it fell flat.


Then I put those sheers I had found on amazon up instead of the gray panels. However, while they were pretty, they were too sheer. Then, it dawned on me to use the painting drop cloth curtains in combination with the sheer curtains and wow! Did it turn out nice! Here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy!



What I did was, just lay the sheer on top of the painting drop cloth curtain and snap them both into the curtain rings. No sewing, hardly any work and you have a beautiful full curtain.



Hanging straight is how I prefer it but, here it is puffed up.

IMG_2813 (2)


More  of it puffed up and you can see that I hung the two sheer panels that I found a few years ago in the middle of the window, layered over a blind.


I find that layering is a very affective tool when I decorate. First the base color comes in. In this room my base color came from the color I used in this painting. I wanted to plan the room around it. Of course, just because you have a plan doesn’t mean that everything you plan will work. I’ve found that it’s best to let things happen organically, once you have a plan in place. Try something, if it doesn’t work, then make adjustments! My life has been happier when I do it that way!


Then the architectural elements I want to add come in, then lighting, then the basic blind for the window, and lastly the softness. Such as curtains, pillows and comforters. Oh, don’t forget a little bling and some art!


This is my favorite way for the curtains to hang.

IMG_2807 (2)


And finally, from this angle.


I have to add that, I’ve found it very challenging to photograph this angle of the bedroom as the light is coming at you so the camera makes everything around it look very dark! I hope I’ve captured it well enough to give you the idea. Hopefully, my crazy ideas will help you in whatever way you would like to decorate your home! Have a beautiful day out there lovelies!

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  1. It came out beautiful!

    1. thankyou so much! I love them!

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