Lamp Project

I found this cool old lamp…….. That’s how most of my project stories begin! Spoiler alert! There isn’t an ending to this story as of yet. The project isn’t finished but I wanted to share how far I am into the project so far. Anywho…back to the story. I found this cool old lamp at goodwill for, oh dear, my memory is failing me. I’m pretty sure I bought it for under $10.


Here’s the base of the lamp.



Of course, it didn’t work. the wiring is really old. I think it was the original wiring. It needs to be rewired, which I haven’t gotten to yet. I really love the beautiful details of these lamps, it’ hard to find such quality now. I didn’t like the color because it kind of faded into the back ground so  I of course painted it. Yes, I’m addicted to painting, I admit it and it’s a hopeless cause! I painted it a lovely charcoal and it stands out against my pale walls.


I also didn’t want to cover up the lovely details near the light bulb sockets with a plain lamp shade. I wanted something industrial you could see thru. I searched and searched. It took a long time but I finally found something.  Here it is!


It’s a chicken wire cloche from @anitquefarmhouse who I found thru instagram.


As I mentioned earlier, it’s not finished. Eventually, I will rewire it and add the old fashioned edison light bulbs so we can enjoy the details without burning out our retinas! In the meantime, it’s pretty just as it is! One day when I finish this I will post an ending to this story!


I have another painting finished and available! Here it is..”Skies of Fire” 9×12


“Skies of Fire” 9×12


Another angle


“Skies of Fire” 9×12


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Mr Snickers and I wish you a very happy day out there! (this is back when he thought he could fly but only at the beach! hee hee!)








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