Mornings with Molly-Joy

Joy is my favorite! Yesterday we found out that there’s nothing new wrong with the kiddo’s heart. Relief, relief is even better than joy.

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I’m not sure that I’ve ever written about the complication, that he’s had with his heart over the last 13 years. It’s something that we choose not to think about, since there’s nothing that can be done about it. About 13 years ago, during a regular checkup they found a clot that is attached to the wall on the inside of his heart. At the time, one end was attached to the wall and the other was flopping every time his heart beat. Eventually, the loose end also attached to the wall of the heart. If it ever broke off of the wall, it would  kill him.  If they were to try to do surgery to remove it, the risks are more severe than leaving the clot alone and watching to make sure it doesn’t change. For this reason, they’ve watched to make sure it stays the same. At this last check-up the kiddo’s ekg was abnormal, so the Dr. was afraid that the clot was breaking off, which is why he put him thru more tests. Thankfully, all of the tests showed that it’s staying still and hasn’t changed. Why was the ekg abnormal? Sometimes, they are for no particular reason, which is why more tests are needed. How did the clot get there in the first place? you might wonder. Well, when you have cancer, the chemo is too damaging to veins, so they place a port or broviac into the artery into the heart. For the kiddo, he had a broviac. In his case he had several different broviacs, due to many infections. One of the broviacs  must have been placed a little too close to the wall of the heart and the tip was bumping against the wall of his heart when his heart beat, which caused a blood clot. These are risks that we all accept when our kiddo’s go thru treatment.

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Over the years we’ve tried not to let it interfere with living our lives as fully as possible. As I stated earlier, there’s nothing we can do about it. Which leaves two choices. One, sit around and be afraid of doing anything, or two, live life to the fullest, enjoy what we have and not let it stop us. We chose number two.   I’m glad that we did. I would hate to look back and realize that we wasted any time, any fun, any laughter, anything in the last 13 years. I hate waste, especially wasted time. Time once lost, can never be retrieved.

bosque 8We’re beyond relieved to know everything is still ok. We still have to figure out what’s causing the other tests to come back with some problems but compared to the heart scare, it’s not too bad. I’m sure once they figure out the cause we can figure out how to manage. We always have and we always will, (with some prayer, patience, good Dr.’s and good friends of course)  Thankyou for listening to our tale, our journey. Have a beautiful day out there and have some fun!

4 thoughts on “Mornings with Molly-Joy”

  1. Thank you for sharing your joy! Wishing you many, many more years of it!

  2. sophiessigil says:

    Hurray! So very glad to hear that his heart is ticking along as normal. Your relief is palpable! Thank you for being so open about the problem. Hopefully, one day it will be possible to treat cancer without a whole host of potential complications that can cause irreversible damage. I am so sorry that your boy has had to suffer as a result of his treatment, but the way in which you live with the consequences is inspirational. I can only imagine the reserves of strength and energy it must have taken to overcome the grief of each setback and choose to embrace life with such joy and determination. Wishing you the very best, and the easiest path ahead. 💜

    1. all I can say is thankyou for such sweet comments!

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