I’m home from my latest travels to the lovely state of South Carolina. My dad is doing better and I’m happy to be back home! My Molly didn’t approve of me leaving for so long!


In fact, she texted me this picture of herself, demanding when I was coming home. This, of course raised some concerns for me. One, I have a dog who nags me and another, it seems I have a dog who can text. hmmmmm…….

We were able to go to the beach one day. It was very cold. The wind was bitter but it was so beautiful!


These amazing skies and colors is where I’ve found much of my inspiration in the past.


Since I’ve moved back to the west, I’ve had some difficulty finding inspiration to paint again. It’s because for me, what surrounds me, my travels, my environment is what inspires me to paint. The last few years have been filled with drs offices, medical tests and hospitals. For that reason, I’ve been using my old sketch books with past ideas that have sketches I threw together super fast, to hang onto an inspiration for a painting that hit me, while I was out and about.  Below is an example of one of my terrible sketches!



my really awful sketches

However, that sketch turned into this painting…


“Standing Watch” 24×48

I’m happy that I’ve had these sketches to use, but the other day I suddenly realized that I’ve not done any sketching in a few years. Which impelled me to get out a little more. We don’t live near the ocean anymore but this land of enchantment we like to call New Mexico is full of beautiful sights. I may still be in numerous drs offices in the future. Right now I don’t see an end to that. However,  I can get out to see the sights once in awhile. My sweet hubby took me out for a drive the other day. We had a great time driving his wrangler over some mountains!  In my next blog post I will share the pics from that adventure!

In the meantime… Here’s some shots of a beautiful coastline in South Carolina. One of my all time favorite beaches on Kiawah Island South Carolina.

You wander your way down a gently beaten path, thru live oaks who hang their branches like a canopy of soft arms overhead. From these arms, Spanish moss swings softly in the breeze adding more beauty to these elegant creatures. They wrap the trail as you go, making you wonder, what may be around the next bend?  The trees make way for the soft marshes, from which comes the salty mineral air. You fill your lungs with this pure air, look there! A great blue heron! An egret! They rise flying, oh! so elegantly from the marshes. The marshes lead you on to the great Kiawah marsh river. There! A pelican is diving for his dinner. Onward, you travel beside this soft flowing river. What rises up ahead, are wind sculpted sand dunes. You throw off your sandals to feel the warm, soft sand beneath your feet, as you walk over the dunes to be greeted by the call of the seagulls, the salt spray on your face and that sound you so love… waves crashing upon the sand.

Have a lovely day out there!








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