Finding Wonder from Chaos

If you’ll notice, my title did not say order from chaos! I would never claim to achieve order, that would be very silly of me! (I must accept my limitations you know!) Instead, I found wonder in chaos. This last week we’ve been doing a little renovating on our house, continuing onward to our goal of getting the kiddo set up in his own apartment. Renovating is chaotic, there is no way around that. We have tools and construction materials all over the house, and we keep having to move boxes of the kiddos stuff from one room to another. At one point we couldn’t find the couch, it was then that it seemed a bit overwhelming to me, so I did what I normally do when we are creating something new,… I took pictures. Before and afters always make me happy. Here’s one pile…


As I was taking the pictures something happened… I began to notice, the kiddos collection in a big pile and I realized that he’s kept all the best parts of his life. When you take out all the bad, this is what’s left over and it’s very interesting, he’s had some great adventures.


It’s so cool seeing the things he’s kept,  so many rocks, many, many books, magnifying glass, old timey desk, lots of cool albums



more books, old typewriters,  an 8 millimeter movie projector and in the corner there’s a tip of the quilt he was given by a wonderful group of ladies who make quilts for kids in the hospital. He’s hung on to that all these years, it’s a precious thing to him. It brought him comfort. The quilting ladies gave it to him the first month he was in the hospital and he brought it with him to every hospital visit after that.


Here’s a picture of the whole  quilt. It’s a work of art. He was so little and so sick, that  I could wrap him up in this whenever I carried him from place to place. It’s a precious thing, it holds many memories, it made some of the hard parts a little better.


It touched my heart to see what he’s collected and kept. It’s very eccentric, but it holds lots of meaning to him. In just a few moments I went to being overwhelmed by the chaos to finding wonder in the chaos.

The chaos has not gone away yet, as we have a ways to go in the renovating, while at the same time having security systems installed, (the reality of life these days) But here are a few pictures of the progress so far.

The furnace and hot water heater are in the hallway we are creating for the kiddo to get from one end of his apartment to the other.


It needed to be closed in.


Now its roughed in! We didn’t do this work, we had a wonderful talented handyman do this.


Here’s some more chaos that’s right around the corner in his hallway. This hole in the wall for this part of his hallway, his grandpa created for him while visiting us in December.


(sorry about the blurry picture on that one, I’ll have better pictures later, also I love that he’s kept his mickey mouse from his Make a Wish trip) To the right of the ironing board is the laundry room, we will be creating a divider there. I will have a blog on that project later.

Also we finally finished the floor for his bedroom. It had carpet in it that he couldn’t breathe, so we pulled that out right away and have been working at laying this floor. Hopefully he’ll get to move into his bedroom in the next few days.


First, we have one more place we have to close up, in order to complete the closing off of his side of the house from our side of the house. Then he can move into his bedroom!
We are working on that project today. I’ll post about the closing up project later.


That’s our week, I hope you’re having a beautiful week!




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