Do it yourself kitchen window shutters

I have this ugly window in my kitchen…. Since we’re renters I can’t do anything permanent about it.



The biggest challenge is that it’s on the side of the house where it gets the most sun during the summers. In New Mexico the sun can be very harsh. Over the last couple of years I’ve tried various window coverings but none of them accomplished the goal I was trying to achieve.  I wanted to still be able to get a breeze from the window, while at the same time blocking the unrelentless sun. Then an idea began to form….. There’s this amazing restaurant in Destin, Florida, that sits right on the beach.


Isn’t it so lovely? It’s The Crab Trap. If you’re ever in Destin you must go and enjoy some shrimp, she crab soup and of course the fantastic vodka lemonades they have there! Oh, I digress, sorry about that! For a moment I got  lost in my memories of sugar white beaches and emerald waters. Okay, back to reality now. What’s my point? One of my favorite design elements in most oceanside and island homes are their windows and shutters. The crab trap  has windows that they have on a lever and pulley system so they can open them outwards at an angle, letting the addictive sea breezes in. While I was trying to come up with something for my ugly window, I thought of how I loved the windows at the crab trap(I’m sure the view has something to do with it too!) and came up with a possible solution.



Shutters! Only sideways and levered so that I can open them to the angle I want at the time. I purchased a set of new shutters from Lowes, along with hinges. Next I had to figure out how to attach them. I had some 1×2 wood from another project so I cut that to size, attached the shutter to the 1×2 with the hinges and then attached the 1×2 to the wall. Next I added the next shutter in the same way but overlapping the bottom shutter.



Here’s a picture of underneath.


Here’s a side view of the rope pulley system.



That is what allows me to open the shutters to whatever degree I would like depending on how unmerciful the sun is! This is how it looked at this step. Which left the top portion of the window to finish and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I thought I might just continue with another shutter on top but the proportion would be off. That’s when a friend suggested I just finish the top with a lace curtain. I knew that wouldn’t work because it would still allow harsh sunlight thru there, but it got me to thinking……



I had picked up a couple of pallets awhile ago and kept them around for something, I just didn’t know what?   Maybe, the boards on those pallets would be the right size? I checked and yes! They were the perfect size and they had weathered beautifully. I couldn’t just attach them flush to the wall so once again I dug into the wood I had around and found a couple pieces of 2×2’s. I cut them to size, attached them to the wall and then the pallet boards to the 2×2’s and this what I ended up with!



I’m super happy with the look and the flexibility of it’s use.



This projects costs.

Shutters $28

Hinges $10

Pallet boards free

Other supplies I already had. Not bad! Not bad at all. It wasn’t all fun to do, there were difficult angles to install it but I just took my time and did it a piece at a time.


My molly says hi and wants me to finish typing on the computer so we can go play.

Everyone be extra safe out there. Out here there have been several amber alerts, let’s be extra careful! I wish you a happy, healthy and safe day out there!




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