Clouds in the sky floating by….

Clouds are fascinating as they float by, seemingly undisturbed by anything.  Not minding being blown one direction or another….

When I was a little girl, my father was a small airplane pilot.  I’m not a huge fan of flying, but he knew I loved the clouds.  He would fly right thru them, just so that I could be inside of a cloud.  I treasure that memory.

Here in New Mexico we have astounding clouds.  I think it’s because of our atmosphere.  It’s thinner due to, lack of humidity and high elevation, because of this, our skies are a brilliant blue.  When the clouds are backed by this incredibly blue sky, it makes them more impressive.



Artists  are constantly studying light and how it affects our subjects that, we are trying to put onto canvas.  It’s a lifetime study I will only give up, when my eyesight fails me.  Whenever  I’m out and about, it’s how I look at things. How is the light hitting the desert prairies today?  Or, what parts of the Sandia mountains are being shown off by the light this evening?


Clouds are an amazing study in light.  Last evening, hubby took me out in his yellow jeep.




I didn’t have my regular camera with me, so my phone had to do.  I didn’t think I would want to take pictures, we weren’t going far, but the clouds were amazing last night.  That’ll teach me a lesson!   Note to self……always, always, always and I mean always! bring my camera with me!




The back dirt roads are always so much fun.  Especially when there’s been a bit of rain, and you can find a little mud.



It’s already that time of year!…..Green chili roasting time!


Oh! How I love this time of year!  The grocery stores and farmers markets have their roasters out.  I love the sound of the woosh of the fire as they turn the roasting bins, the smell of roasted green chilis wafting thru the air.  That smell,…it’s almost intoxicating!  It also means right around the corner, we will be getting cooler air, the trees will show off their highest beauty as they change from green to glowing gold and burgundy.   It’s my favorite time of year!

This is the latest painting I’ve been working on.  It’s the first time I’ve chosen to paint a pregnant lady.



I had begun to paint a lady standing there, when it occurred to me, how lovely this little spot would be for someone who was expecting a baby so….

Of course, it’s not finished yet.  I have a few more additions and some adjustments to make, but it’s getting close!

In the meantime, Molly will be keeping an eye out for the neighbor, because when he goes out into his back yard, she loves to run over and stick her eye up against a hole in our fence to, spy on him!  I’ve begun to call her, Molly the spy.  She also spies on the cats in my kiddos room, she peaks thru the crack in the door.  She spies on the lizards in the front yard, she peaks thru the cracks in the shutters and so on.  She’s very nosy! (Snickers has no desire to participate in this particular activity)


Molly, Snickers and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that your week ahead brings you happiness!



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  1. I love clouds too! Beautiful post!

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