In the wild west, the wind blows, the sunflowers grow, the sky glows and the wolves call. The sound of the wind howling overhead, carrying with it the wolfs soulful song, becomes a part of your very being. When you leave the wild west, it’s that song that  whispers to you…come back….come back…come back….

I was inspired to paint this piece because of how the west has been imprinted on our hearts. My kiddo has lived most of his life out here. When we moved to South Carolina, even tho he truly enjoyed his adventures there, he mourned the loss of the wind, the sound of the wolf and coyote we had left behind. Once we returned, I have clearly seen that the west is in his heart, in his being. He is very happy to be back with the wind and the call of the wild west. There is something about the sound of the coyote and wolf that becomes a thing of comfort to those of us who’ve lived with them for so many years.

This piece is 8×10 named “Calling”

If you want to contact me about this piece you can email me here.

Have a lovely day out there!

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