Bosque del Apache New Mexico

bosque 1


The past few weeks have been full of adventure! My sweet sister came to visit us. We had so much fun. I’m really grateful to my family for coming to visit us, since my son can’t travel. His health problems prevent him from, flying in a plane, staying in hotels and traveling long distances in cars, so we’ve decided to accept those limitations and focus on having fun right where we are. However, my family lives  far away  and I try to go see them once a year but they come here to see the kiddo. While my sister was here, we visited with old friends, went to see Star Wars! (It was so much fun!), we worked on a sewing project, were really silly and we took a day trip to a very unique spot in New Mexico. It’s called Bosque del Apache. As New Mexicans, we are somewhat obsessed with any body of water, since they are so few and far between for us. This is a little resting spot for migrating birds. There are a wide variety of birds that stop here. This day we didn’t find birds.  It’s so beautiful any time of year. We happened to stop by when the water was like glass. The reflections were amazing! Here are a few pictures I took of our day trip. I hope you enjoy!


bosque 4

bosque 2

bosque 9

bosque 6

bosque 12


bosque 8



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All of these scenes made me think of Monet and Van Gogh paintings. It was a beautiful day.





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  1. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a wonderful time!

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