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It always gets me into trouble. Every time I go into Restore, I find such glorious possibilities in projects!

Last month as I wandered thru restore, I came across some beautiful old doors. What’s a girl who loves old doors to do?

Sorry about the blurry picture. However, here’s one of the doors.


Here are the two together. This is when an idea begins to form.


First, I cleaned them. Next, I began to do a paint finish on them. (Once again, sorry about the blurry)


Then I decided to create a headboard out of them!


Finally! A non-blurry picture!


I attached them together on the top with a piece of roof flashing. I also attached them to the wall with connecting boards behind them. Then, I added two pieces of trim on the sides, after giving them the same paint treatment.



I already had the candle holders so I put those onto the side trim.  Also, I felt I had gotten the room a little too busy so I edited and removed a few things. I kept the chandelier, moved my antique bird cage/light over to the corner. I found the side table at (I’m sure you already guessed) Restore! Then I picked up two reading lamps from Walmart.


Now, I know you know all about my molly girl, but just in case you don’t here’s a quick reminder.


She is my favorite girl and she likes to jump up on the bed every night to say good night and then every morning to say good morning!

2016-03-23 17.47.51

After I finished building this bed, it was too tall for her to jump up on and I was afraid she would get hurt. Soooo…..


I took this very large footstool I was using in the living room and moved it to the side of my bed so that miss Molly could say goodnight and good morning! Then, it occurred to me that I could create a little reading nook! Molly and I both love it!


If you’re thinking, but what about Snickers?!!


Well, don’t worry about him. For not only is he lazy, he is also brilliant. He’s trained all of us to pick him up and move him to wherever he wishes to go!

There’s my story on how my bedroom went from this….


To this!


I’m super happy with it! It all began with two doors from restore and a girl who has a weakness for old doors!

Cost run down..

Doors $20.00 each

Side trim $15.00

Paint $3.00

Side table $5.00

Reading lamps $15.00 each

2 thoughts on “Another Project”

  1. FancyRW says:

    Beautiful! It looks so good for very little money.

    1. thankyou! it was fun!

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