Another Barn Door Project

Yesterday, I was walking out of the CVS pharmacy minding my own business, when out of nowhere, I slipped, tripped and fell off of a curb of all things! Resulting in an avulsion fracture in my old injured right foot, so I’m laid up in a splint for 6-8 weeks.

Thirty four years ago, when I was a teenager and was the same as every other teenager who, as we all know think they can do anything, went out riding a friends pregnant horse, bareback, without boots, to bring back a couple of wayward cows. Unbeknownst to me, the very brilliant teenager, this mare had a special talent. She was an experienced cattle cutting horse, as well as an expert at stealing the bit from her rider.   As we were returning with our mischievous, wandering cowlings, I relaxed, which was exactly the right moment our sneaky mare had been awaiting. She grabbed hold of the bit and took off, chasing those cows every which way, not caring about the fate of her rider. Now, I’m a very short person with very short legs, trying to hang onto a pregnant mares belly. I made it thru a few twists and turns but in the end she left me in the air, running out from underneath of me. As I gracefully floated to the earth, for some odd reason that I’ll never understand, I landed on my right foot, crushing my ankle. That injury required 3 surgeries, 9 months in a cast, a year on crutches and 2 years in physical therapy. I’d also like to mention that much to my mothers chagrin, I began riding my own horse again while still in a cast! (it’s one of my proudest moments)

My point? The first time I broke my ankle, I had a great story. The second time? I was walking…..and then I fell……lol

The only bright spot, is that I’m now forced to slow down, to put my foot up, write a few blogs and hopefully paint some. Today, I’m still in too much pain to paint, but I can blog. Last week, I finished the last set of barn doors in our house and I’m so in love with them. I’m excited to share the process with you. These doors are in the living room. We installed them to close off the final opening, for the kiddo to have his own apartment.

First, here’s the finished piece, then I’ll go thru how it got to this point.


My goal was for the doors to look like antique doors I found somewhere, but we started with plain, inexpensive, interior doors from Home Depot. I began with black paint.


Once  there was a coat of black on them I roughed them up a bit. Doesn’t it look awful?! I call this stage in every project the Ugly Duckling stage. Looks terrible at the moment, but it’s going to be beautiful!


Then I put a blue wash over this. The wash was made from my art paint supply of ocean blue mixed with half water and half paint, I rubbed down the wash with a rag as I brushed it on.


Next went on a wash of white paint the same way I applied the blue paint, then another layer of black wash paint, another layer of blue wash paint and lastly another layer of white wash paint.  I also wanted some more depth so I picked up these gate hinges at Lowes.


For the final touches, I went to hobby lobby, when they had the 50% off metals sale and picked up the decorative metal as well as the handles. The handles were a rust, which I like but I wanted them to match the rest of the metal, so I painted them black.


There you go! All finished!


We have several more projects going on.  Thankfully, I have help for them, or everything would have to stop for a few months!  There are a couple more that are finished, so I’ll tell you all about them a little later.


I’m afraid my silly molly doesn’t approve of the crutches. She seems to think that I’ve been overtaken by some sort of Dr. Wholike alien! However, we both wish you a happy day out there and watch out for evil curbs! They are plotting against us!



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