A Secret Garden Stage Two

This was the second stage of the secret garden. I thought I’d share a few pictures of this part of the process.


I put in some fake grass just to brighten it a bit. I laid in a row of bricks around the edges and then thought that perhaps moss might grow along the little beds….we’ll see….

No furniture as of yet, except for the little foot stool, and the shelf unit that used to be in our old camper, that we were living in, when we were on the coast of South Carolina. I picked it up at Ikea. I had to cut the feet down on it to fit into the camper, but it works perfectly for a little place to put pots and things out here in the secret garden.


Snickers loves the secret garden. He continues to believe that I built it just for him! We need to take down the old satellite dishes that were on the roof when we moved in. We don’t use them and I feel like they’re and eyesore. We’ll eventually get those down.



Then, I started to lay these stepping stones that I found in different areas of the property. Most of them were in the front yard and I just moved them back here. I ended up having to buy about 5 more to fill it in all the way.


This was a temporary installment. I took an old canvas painting drop cloth and stretched it across to give us some sun protection. It really heats up that side of the house, so this  helped give us some relief until I was able to build the pergola there.





This is when I discovered large tree stakes are quite useful and inexpensive, an idea began to form…..



The little honeysuckles are going to be fabulous!  Later I ended up putting screen over them because the sun was burning them. Once they got larger I was able to take the screen down.


Of course, if you’ve been watching my you tube channel you’ve seen the latest video of the secret garden, however I thought it would be fun for you to see the process of how it’s gotten to where it is now. Next time I’ll post how I built the pergola and show pictures of the finished product. I hope you’ve all been doing well! Thankyou for stopping in!

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