A new giveaway!

Last weeks giveaway was a huge success! Congratulations to the winners! This week I’m holding another giveaway on both my facebook and Instagram accounts to celebrate that I now have this piece available as a print on canvas! It’s also called a giclee. Here it is!



I’m very excited to have my original, “Love Song” available in two different sizes. 8×16 and 16×32.




The original is 24×48 and is very close to my heart.

I did this piece, “Love song” because I see trees as metaphors of life. Love is beautiful when it’s strong and endures the storms of life. These trees wrapped up with each other became beautiful, not with the beauty of youth but the beauty of life, as time went by they became more entwined with each other, giving each other strength, companionship, kindness, love and friendship. May we all have this kind of love in our lives!

Here are the giveaway rules….

You have to follow my Facebook and Instagram accounts. You need to like and comment on the giveaway post. You can tag a friend if you want but it’s not part of the rules. These giveaways will run simultaneously for a week and then I will announce the winners! Go enter to win and have a fabulous day!

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